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Don’t lean on stereotypes as an explanation

December 18, 2014

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One thing not known to me was why some people threw stereotyped images back at anyone when their feathers got ruffled?

Recently, the protest of the killing of black men came under fire by the police union in Cleveland, Ohio. several football players either put their hands up during a game and some fans were seen wearing shirts with “I can’t breathe” on it.

In spite of the NFL not finding fault with the protest, they along with Anthony Hawkins issued statements that they were well within their rights under the First Amendment and the legue rule book to protest.

Here’s where the appalling part of the article came in. The head of the police union said that the players should’ve stuck to what they did on the field and not try interpreting the law.

They weren’t interpreting anything, they were expressing themselves over all the killings of black men. Who said one had to know everything in order to interpret the law? Even the Supreme Court while well versed in the law couldn’t interpret without reviewing prior cases.  This blogger doesn’t claim to know all about the law herself so why throw an implied stereotype of a ‘dumb jock’ in when commenting because some feelings were rubbed the wrong way?

This reminded me of an incident that occurred during my childhood. One of the parents made a crass comment about my inability to rear children. Being eleven years old, it wasn’t expected of me to know that anyway. Doctor Spock’s book wasn’t on their bookshelves either. They did what came naturally. Even with the third gathering, both parents took their children home to face punishment for their behavior that night, which was predicted by me.

Being physically challenged, myself was a double whammy because people well known to me have thrown stereotypical things other than the above in my face too. In spite of my not being able to drive a car, the fixed income status preented paying for insurance and upkeep too. Being able to still cook and take care of myself on a daily basis without the aid of home healthcare or physical therapy was a blessing.

Other than the daily trips to and from the doctor, home healthcare only kept the client and their house clean. They didn’t pick up things like paperwork lying around. Most of the professional cleaning services won’t pick up personal paperwork either.

My sitiuation with writing was in knowing about plagiarism and  copyright law. Luckily, my experience with them have been limited because of my never being sued for either. The worse thing that occurred was having the pictures used on my blogs removed even though credit was given to who took them underneath.

As stated in my Examiner article, athletes in any sport were always looking for a back up plan just in case they didn’t make it as a professional athlete. Many of the boys in the elementary, junor high and high school level had to make passing grades to play sports. Many were hoping to sign letters of intent to play for their college of choice and get scholarships to them. Good grades helped here too. The stereotype of ‘dumb jock’ didn’t apply even if feelings were ruffled by the protest.




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