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The Fork in the road: Navigating the electronic highway

November 22, 2014

In the last few months, several changes came into my life that were profound.

So many things to learn

1. The laptop purchased in 2007 started showing its age. Windows XP went out of service in April of this year. My efforts at trying to keep my computer updated until the purchase of a new one could be aquired cost me more than the computer itself. When the smoke cleared, there were three companies vying to service my trusty laptop. Getting refunds were difficult, but not impossible, in spite of my knowing what services were purchased.  Because of those refunds, the balance on two cards were wittled down to managable or nohing at all. The last company couldn’t locate the person who tried to “fix” my problem  on August 4 of this year, so all my money was refunded.

2.  Income Solutions informed me on October 20 of this year that my mentor of almost six months was no longer with the company and that there was no reassigning taking place. If any help was needed to llet them know. Mom wanted me to get out of the program. The campaign they gave me to start wasn’t selling very well on line. The bad reviews made me scrap the plan and start over with something different. While i won’t say how I got out of paying that huge debt, I haven’t quit in advertising.

How to log in to the Income Solutions website

The world’s gotten smaller since computers emerged.

Now what, right? Well my mistake wasn’t found in the amount of money spent in self discovery, it was the people in my life itself trying to navigate uncharted territory for me. On Christmas 2012, my mother openly admitted she knew nothing about raising a child with special needs. It didn’t look like she or any other adult encountered by me knew how to guide me down life’s path after graduating from high school. They swore everything my mother told me was right. Only for her it was. Most of the time, like the information gained from my mother and father, a crucial piece of information was missing in what they knew or they chose the easy out and recomended some state program if they didn’t echo my mother’s words.

Here’s an example of a piece of the puzzle that was missing:

In order to work as a cleric for the city or on of the universities, one had to type a certain amount of words acurately, 60+. On a good day, my WPM was 20 unofficially. If the right side of my body was affected by Cerebral Palsy, It would be hard to type that amount of words using both hands. My mother and one of my vocational rehabilitation counselor’s did not know this.

That being said, if I were unable to do ‘normal’ things, there wouldn’t be the navigation on the electronic highway so late in life. Following Mom’s advice would’ve been easier too. Having a transportation problem was only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what was known by me:

  1.  A lot of employers want the already trained to jump right in, not have someone they had to train.
  2. Someome with a college education was more apt to leave an employer for the bettr position with the higher pay.
  3. How was a person supposed to work in a situuation where the bathooms weren’t renovated for wheelchairs? The cashiering equipment was the same as used by Work Services in the mid 1990’s. It wasn’t about my being cocky.
  4. Most people that are around my time of life have raised families, moved to smaller homes and were looking toward retirement.
  5. Most people around my age had ailing in-laws they couldn’t care for financially and had to house in assisted living facilities or nursing homes too. My meger allowance from the government barely covered my expenses that’s why it’s so hard to “prop up” anyone else or try to start a  money making venture on line.

Turning ‘lookers’ into buyers

My accounts took a big hit so taking the holiday off wasn’t an option. It was to my advantage to see what could’ve been done to earn money to cover the next catastrophic emergency. It was enjoyable writing short pieces ad watching others repond to the posts on my blogs. Granted, writing articles and advertising weren’t my first employment options but at least my online presence was felt indirectly. My next task was to find a wy to make it start  paying off.


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