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Looking to scripture for wisdom: Writer took indirect approach

May 19, 2014

Looking to Scripture for wisdom: Writer took indirect approach

On the job front, things were turning upward. This week, there were two different writing positions from different companies. Writer’s Access and Jobz For Writers wanted me to work for them. This had me on cloud nine because the last time something like this happened, there were three different positions, one being from my current employer.

How quickly the euphoria over these positions quickly leveled out. After the poor performance on Writer’s Access test, similarly designed like that of Writer’s Relief, and the realization that JFW was as site similar to that of Academia-Research and EssayWriters, made me rethink a lot of issues. At this time, my application was still pending.

With JFW, my profile stated that there was to have been no work done on nights or weekends. Last-minute papers were out also, mainly because of an unpredictable laptop now that Windows XP went out of service April 8. Since that time my laptop got testy. It cut of twice in the last two weeks. All of a sudden, while on line, a blue screen would pop up and my computer would restart. Whatever my task was would be lost.

The Bible said:

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV)

Trying to market myself by asking people for help with finding a job only got me politely referred to the local state run agency. Later, during one of my visits to Work Services Job Club, my discovery was that that these referrals were an easy out. One of my family friends suggested asking my own friends for stuff like that. In other words, it wasn’t their job to help me find work even though they had connections. One friend told me they didn’t believe that special needs people should’ve been working with them.

It’s not my being afraid of asking for help finding jobs, it’s the fact that most of the people in my Sunday School Department were retired or about to retire. At least two have bought up the Work Services option, not as an easy out but as an option like it hadn’t been heard of before. This happened out in the community also. Sometime nothing was said by me at all. In spite of their way out that’s sought, getting programs thrown in my face was an offense. The indirect approach would’ve been better.

All wasn’t lost yet. There was a way to promote myself a little further by asking to have people’s businesses advertise on my Google blog. That way, they could refer others and pay me for “getting the word out” There were ways of working around people that for whatever reason didn’t want to help me out. This might be one of them. It sure beat whining or getting angry about opposition.

The Bible said:

Zechariah 8:15

15 “so now I have determined to do good again to Jerusalem and Judah  Do not be afraid. (NIV)

My uncle recommended checking into Civil Service. One of the people in my Sunday School Department recommended advertising on my Google blog. Maybe there would be a subtle way to let them allow me to feature them on the site. While they didn’t quite understand my plight, they gave me something to check into. That way, the state-run agencies would be avoided.


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