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Submissions should never stop in spite of rejections

August 21, 2013

So far, most of my submitted items in the last few days were rejected either because they weren’t weird enough or the pieces weren’t allowed to be previously published. This hadn’t stopped me from finding new places to try out though. Pay dirt was bound to strike if one kept trying and kept the faith.

This morning, my picture for Skill Pages Love My Skill contest was rejected a few days ago. It probably wasn’t weird enough for them. My three stories for Writer;s Relief weren’t allowed to be submitted because they did not allow previously published work being submitted on their site. The orignal format was wrong too. WR wanted .DOC, DOCX, or.PDF formats. Now that the skill of poetry, short stories and articles were mastered, maybe it was time one learned a new skill. since WR excepted the personal essay, that was my next avenue provided there was a word  counter. The limit was 3500 words.

For the Eber & Wein Poetry Contest, there had to be a limit of 55 characters per line.and a limit of 26 lines.  Luckily , there was a word counter in MS Word, but no character counter. Hopefully, there might be one to downoload. This morning, the poetry piece was started by me. I’m hoping there was something better than Honorable mention this time.  God had a plan in Jeremiah 29:11 so only he knew.  If there were a personal essay topic, what would the title be? Like the Short Story, the Personal Essay had a beginning, middle, and end.

The poem might not take so long to write. The personal essay was a differemt matter. Hopefully, there was enough time to do this before the next submission date,.  Anyway, faith was the key. The object was to keep submitting.



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