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The missed pitch

July 29, 2013

In the past few days, it has felt like the wind was taken out of me. Being forced to give up travel by cab because of a discontinuation of a discount card, not being able to use the restroom at a church that was not ADA compatible or not knowing whether friends would receive a message by phone worried me when the activity was four days away. Curve balls bragged about on my Skype profile may have been missed by me.

The discount card, called a VIP card, offered by Skylark Taxi, gave a $2 discount on rides over $5. The ride was a distance of 10 miles. Some times, depending on what route the driver took and how generous they were, affected the change given back to me. To some people $2 didn’t seem all that important, but a $9 ride became a $7 charge with the discount card. After July 19 of this year, that card was no longer usable. Full fare after that time for me became a burden.

When the pastor’s wife realized that coming by cab was my mode of transport at the social last month, rather than trying to hunt for someone’s car to get into and ou t of and have a trunk big enough for my chair, she offered to take me home, but soon discovered her trunk was full of junk, so my chair didn’t fit.

It was my idea in trying to get someone to help me pay for cab fare if they were going to complain about the cost. Both my pastor and me have smart phones or something similar to it. He told me some people might’ve made the remark to get rid of the high powered phone and cab fare could’ve been afforded. ow the phone got into my hands wasn’t their concern. Skylark Taxi went by distance. that’s why it was known by me how far from the house it was to the church attended by me. That’s why the Taft to Harrison route was better than going down Kemp. it was longer, but it had fewer lights.

With my sore shoulders, injured by stuck windows in my apartment, using the bus was difficult. The bus stop was quite a distance from my house all the way around the corner. It  was attempted by me two years ago to use the Grocery Cart. It had rained, which made the grass muddy and hard to roll through, even in a standard chair and it was cold. My gloves had holes in them exposing bare skin, also making it difficult. Having to cancel my grocery shopping with this service made me cry.

It was known by me that the pastor and the church had electric wheelchairs available. My job was to break the ten mile limit imposed by the cost of cab fare. With the electric wheelchair, this became possible. The pstor tole me he thought my mother wanted me to use my standard to exercise my sore arms.

Recently being invited to a church function on the Eastside was a blessing because getting to meet new people and encounter different situations was what was desired. The pastor and her husband came and got me in a van parked out in the street instead of along the curb. The pastor’s husband had to grab my feet to help me in. If they parked along the curb, using the stool would’ve been easier.

The building itself was not ADA compatible, neither were the bathrooms, so drinking any water for the more than three hour service was not smart. This was a penacostal church, which meant services ran longer than my church on Harrison Street. People were so happy with their praise of the lord that one fainted after her solo, one got really happy running all over the place, and two stayed in the kneeling position on the floor during the altar call. During the offering around the table, the pastor requested that another $47 for the collection plate. For me this was unusual, but not uncommon.

The pastor requested my return to Bible Study which started August 7. They told me not to worry about distance and gas, just give them enough notice beforehand. My problem eith that invitation would’ve benn the bathroom situation. Like the outside of the church, it hadn’t been renovated to ADA standards. My safety while using the bathroom needed to be discussed. They were also elderly people, like the majority in my church. One bad injury by the pastor’s husband could prevent them picking me up for any function.

On Friday this week, my Sunday school class planned a trip to The Meers Store in Meers Oklahoma. Everyone knew of my desire on going because of the comment about the stool purchaced last March. One person had to work and they planned driving directly from their job in Electra, Texas. They didn’t know whether they could pick me up. The other two couples had sport utility vehicles, way too high for me to negotiate, even with a stool. This person also had stint surgery about two months ago.

This trip was four days away. The good news was the couple working in Electra were to be contacted by cell phone. The other couple were contacted yesterday after church. There was to be contact before Saturday at 4 p.m. As of the plannig for this trip, the curve ball thrown may have been missed by me mot being fast enough.


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