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New wheelchair seen as a blessing in disguise

April 18, 2013

New wheelchair seen as a blessing in disguise

It wasn’t my intent to come home with a new wheelchair from a church auction on Saturday, April 13, 2013, but this was seen as a blessing from the Lord. It was just my intent to drop off the baked good, a Low fat Chocolate Sour Cream Cake, which they auctioned off for the children and youth ministries and try to find a computer that worked. God had other plans that day after seeing a wheelchair similar to my own in the back of the church.

While finding a computer that worked was not God‘s plan, there were a few pieces of hospital equipment in the back corner of the church which were: two wheelchairs, a set of crutches, a portable potty, a shower seat and a metal walker. One of the wheelchairs was similar to the lightweight one used by me, except that the seat was narrower, it had a seatbelt, and the brakes locked by pushing backwards instead of forward.

My wheelchair, purchased by my mother’s friend on February 14, 2011, from the Salvation Army, needed replacing because the rubber on the wheels were worn down to the point that the brakes didn‘t work on smooth surfaces. This made it dangerous in the bathroom during transfer, especially in and out of the shower and getting in and out of church vans and cabs. Rubber stoppers, like kneeling pads, were placed in front of and behind the big wheels which stopped it from rolling and me from falling.


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