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Electrical outages, ‘net crashes, malware, Trojans, and red dots. Oh, my!

July 20, 2012

What was with these electronic gadgets? This week, on both Monday and Wednesday, my cable and internet service went out for at least an hour both days. The tech line was aware of the issue affecting my area. The first time, there was just enough time to put the information in to change over the second check to direct deposit before March 13, 2013. The second time, on Wednesday, I woke up and saw three lights flashing on the modem of my desktop computer. Since surfing the World Wide Web and watching cable television were out, I cleaned out the small corner by the window and scrubbed everything above the floor in my bathroom, except the mirror.

Last Wednesday, there was more than a regular power outage due to a storm that breezed through. Oncor had an issue that affected 10 buildings in my apartment complex. I was watching back to back episodes of “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley“, on a station called the Hub 121. After seeing the previews of the old 1960’s series “Batman”, with Adam West and Burt Ward, it was time for bed. A line had to be drawn somewhere. My brother never missed that show or the original “Star Trek” with William Shatner every weekday afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m.

Anyway, the television was turned off after the above previews. Getting ready for bed was a short affair, using the bathroom, washing of face and hands and brushing my teeth took less than twenty minutes. Any longer than that would have gotten me caught in the dark, which was dangerous because it was pitch black in there with no light. There was a flashlight, but the bed could be seen in spite of the blackout in Building 11. With no other recourse, I crawled into my bed and went to sleep, I did. It made me mad, having to reset the clocks in my bedroom, kitchen, VCR, and DVD player. It could’ve been worse. If it lasted a few days the food in my fridge would’ve had to have been thrown out.

This wasn’t all the trouble I had with the ‘net. This past Saturday, Yahoo Contributor Network, Twitter, and Facebook suggested I change my passwords. YCN informed me that the hackers on their site may have gotten hold of my PayPal password, so I changed that. Facebook and Twitter suggested I change my passwords. Phishing locked me out of the FB account temporarily. Twitter said they saw some odd stuff going on with my account , so I changed that password. The automatic bank phone  line wouldn’t take my four digit code, even after getting a new one. Their computers were down, so the new number was supposed to reset Thursday.

My friend from Africa kept strange hours. Nine in the morning for me was three in the afternoon for them. Three in the afternoon for me was nine at night for them. It was rare to get a text message or a message on line from him with the six hour difference in time. It was even rarer to catch them on line. Lately I’ve had to deal with either the shockwave player or the flash player crashing after going on Facebook. Last week, it caught three malware on my computer on Saturday. This last time, Norton Anti-Virus caught a Trojan while we were chatting, knocking me off the internet. After being fed up with the numerous crashes and errors from Google Chrome, my shockwave and flash wave players, shutting down the computer was my only option. It worried my friend, who didn’t want to get hurt. I apologized twice for the incident. I’m sure they understood. They got knocked off at the same time I did.

I was unaware that Google Chrome had a flash wave player already installed on it’s browser. I had other Google add-ons that needed to be shut down because the were sub browsers that butted heads with the main one. I don’t know how I ended up with at least three PC Optimizers on my hard drive, but I wasn’t paying to use them after finding FixBee for free. My sister suggested I uninstall and reinstall the shock and flash players. Now the browser has to be set.

Now the strangest thing happened yesterday during one of the power flubs with cable and internet yesterday. There has been a glowing red message light on my cable box for well over a month. There was no way to find out what this message said or how to remove the red glow. The newer boxes had a menu button on their remote. The technician said I had to either unplug the power from the wall or reset the box by pulling the plug from the box for 30 seconds. It worked for twenty minutes, then the box glowed red again I did it a second time. The same thing happened. Like mom said, as long as the channels came through, let it glow. Let it glow. Let it glow.


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  1. i loved coming to your website, from now on i will be always coming back here to visit.

    • Catarina,

      I am glad you liked my story. I hate mishaps like that, but they happen. Please do come back. I hope to have more exciting things to post here.

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