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Where to find craft suppl…

June 7, 2012

Where to find craft supplies

Handmade baby gifts were the best thing given when someone was expecting a baby. Some of the young women at my church had babies and adored my two skein baby afghans. It didn’t matter whether they had a boy or a girl, my afghans weren’t necessarily gender specific. Below were some of the best places to find crochet supplies, like yarn or needles. When the local craft stores didn‘t carry a needed specific item, one went on line looking for those items.

It was always wise keeping the label of the name and color yarn one used when making these baby blankets, that way one could always find what they needed. For instance, Hobby Lobby was the only place that carried the two types of multicolored yarns used for these short projects. The pastel-colored Sweet Delights Baby Softly Ombre #1126 and the Sweet Delight Baby Crayons Ombre #115 could only be found on line under $2.50 a skein because none of the other stores like Michael’s or Wal-Mart carried those colors. Those stores did carry the burgundy yarn and a cranberry color that was used to finish my 25-square afghan that had gold yarn in it. Sometimes, crochet needles could be found at the stores listed but some of the other good places would be Annie’s Attic or E-Patterns Central for needles and yarn too.

It was a good thing there were more than the local stores and the other on line craft stores available to purchase crochet needles and yarn for my other projects.. When making other afghans, not necessarily baby blankets, there was Mary Maxim, Herschner’s, and Lion Brand that carried crochet supplies at good prices. However, for the other afghan, the lighter purple color was no longer available through Mary Maxim. I had to go to E-Bay to get the bright orange needed to finish a poncho from a free pattern put out by Coats & Clark made a few years ago because it ran short by three or four rows.

One of the biggest problems was making sure the diamond shape in the neck didn’t coil and had the required number of stitches to fit over the head. Like the afghan, it was important keeping count so that the corners stayed square and the blanket stayed the same shape as it got bigger too. The larger the person the more stitches needed in the neck. Like the baby afghan, two skeins of yarn were needed.

In conclusion, some of the best places to find craft supplies like yarn and crochet needles could be found at a local Hobby Lobby or Michael’s store or on line at the stores listed above. If one It was important keeping the label of the yarn used in order to get the proper color needed. It was just as important as getting the proper crochet needle and keeping count of rows and stitches for proper form and fit, otherwise it would look cape-like or shaped like a doily instead of square.


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