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Memories of Easter

April 10, 2012

One of the biggest events at my house was decorating Easter eggs and finding a basket full of candy favorites for my siblings and me on Sunday morning. This outweighed wearing nice clothing church services, and eating ham at dinner. It bought back other memories of Easter.

My mother let my siblings and me decorate a carton of eggs for Easter using Paas Easter Egg Dying Kit. Half the carton was dedicated to the traditional colors of red, orange, yellow blue green, and purple. Each sibling made eggs for the other two. The colors were mixed for the other half of the eggs to make strange colors. Locally, they were found at the Albertson’s on 2720 Southwest Parkway and United Supermarkets. The Wal-Mart store on Lawrence Road had something similar called, Dudley Sesame Street Easter Egg Decorating Kit.

My school, James Ryder Randall Elementary School, had an Easter egg hunt using hard-boiled colored eggs and gave lots of candy in the special unit. After moving to a regular school, only candy was given. My second grade class cut out and decorated their own Easter egg and bunny rabbit from construction paper during arts and crafts. My teacher at the regular school displayed all the eggs on a bulletin board and hung all the rabbits in the class from the ceiling with string after they were finished.

Once my mother bought a big Easter basket and filled it with Hershey’s miniatures, such as chocolate eggs, snack-sized candy bars, gum drops, and jelly beans. My siblings and me would’ve each gotten a big chocolate bunny or something of equal size. As all of us aged, the candy selection got more specialized. A big wicker bowl with cellophane wrap replaced the basket. For me, Hershey’s Dark Chocolate candy and Reese’s Miniature Cups were preferred since she couldn’t find Reese’s Pieces. My brother would’ve been through the basket and eaten all the black jellybeans before Easter was out.

Dinner would’ve been baked ham, baked macaroni and cheese, stringed beans, and candied yams. Sometimes there would’ve been a white cake with chocolate icing, but not often because of all that candy. Our family never attended church services on Easter When visiting relatives; our good clothes were worn during the day to celebrate. A friend took me to church during Easter several times between 1986 and 2005. One of the churches, First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, put on an Easter play, “The Redeemer,” during that time.

Seventeen years ago, my mother wouldn’t celebrate the Easter holiday because both my father and the family dog, a female German Shepherd died right behind one another. My sister’s birthday, on April 16, fell during Palm Sunday, but there wasn’t a big party. That was the only time the family didn’t celebrate Easter.

With the exception of the death of my father, this was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. What really made it special was finding out the school where my education started was still open and thriving after all those years.


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